Stay Focus On The Goal – TOPCARES

Stay Focus On The Goal – TOPCARES
Sometimes i feel like giving up, sometimes i feel i have had enough, sometimes i feel like you are not good to go anymore, why don’t you quit.
Life is not a bed of roses, life is not fair, some just have it too smooth for them, why some have to struggle to get to the top.
Are we to say God is partial? No, He is not.
Medals are not given to those that quit, neither was there any honor given to those who did not participate in a competition.
I remember the Euro’s Portugal won, they were not the best team, infact they didn’t win any match in the group stage, i guess all the matches they won, was not won during regular 90minutes of football.
Yet they didnt give up, they struggle to the finals until they won the cup.
Sometimes you don’t need to be the best in your field, you dont need to be the most talented or entertaining, all you need is hardwork and dedication, remain focus on the goal, the game is not over until the final whistle .
Temporary defeat or failure does not mean it is the End, France lost the Euro’s to Portugal, they played their lives out yet they lost.
They didn’t  allow that defeat to distract them, they kept on building, they were not discouraged, guess what They won the WORLD CUP. YES!.
This has given me the hope that if i dont quit one day i am going to win.
Suicide is not the way out. Keep the faith, certainly yooda. (All will be well).
Stay focus.
I am Taiwo Olugbenga Peter.  (TOPCARES)
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